Captiva Cashmere Classic Poncho 100% Cashmere



A timeless style that packs well and wears beautifully, the Captiva Cashmere Classic Poncho is ideal for traveling (even if just in and out of the air conditioning) as well as everyday wear. Featuring a universally flattering boat-neck neckline and asymmetrical silhouette, this is the ultimate layering.

About our Cashmere: We strictly use the world’s finest A grade cashmere, which has a diameter of 14.5-15.5 microns. (As a comparison, a single human hair is about 75 microns thick—so five times thicker than cashmere.) It is far more expensive, but it is also far softer.

The A grade fiber is also much longer than the cheaper grades, which makes it much more resistant to pilling. The extra length also means that the garment will retain its shape for longer, and won’t stretch.

  • 100% Cashmere
  • One Size
  • Made in Inner Mongolia
  • Hand Wash or Dry Clean