Sonia Grineva

Sonia Grineva Cloister Entrance


36 x 48"
Oil on Linen

Artist Sonia Grineva sheltered in our area last year. Her works during that time focus on the architecture and natural beauty of Sea Island and the surrounding areas.

The spring weather and light during the Spring of 2020 are captured in the peaceful ambiance in these pieces. 

Sonia has traveled extensively, and works on location in the tradition of many plein air artists. Her travels have taken her to many parts of the US, including New England, the South and California. She has also travelled widely in Europe and has made paintings of some of the continent's most impressive landscapes and city scenes, including those in and around Venice, La Rochelle, Monte Carlo, Dieppe, and Prague.

Ms. Grineva is based in New York. 


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